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Relevant International Conferences and Workshops

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) ( for 2012) World Congress and Exposition is the largest IC engines forum held annually at the Cobo Centre in Detroit US. It brings together more than 10,000 participants; more than 1500 technical papers are presented while more than 150 exhibitors include industries, consultants and Universities from all around the world.

Thermo and Fluid Dynamic Processes in Diesel Engines (THIESEL), reporting the most recent developments and latest innovations relative to thermo-and fluid dynamic processes in direct injection Diesel engines ( for 2012). It is organised every two years by the CTM-Motorer Termicos of the University of Valencia, Spain.

Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC).

Societe des Engineurs de l’ Automobile (SIA) Conference of Diesel Powertrains, Rouen, France.

Research Institutions and Professional Bodies


Fluid Research CO


Emerson Cavitation Tunnel

Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines

Cavitation Laboratory a Warwick University

NPL High Power Ultrasound and Acoustic Cavitation

Australian Maritime College – Cavitation Research Laboratory

Super-cavitation research group, University of Minnesota

University of Michigan

Stanford University

University of Texas, Austin